Helping You Resolve Easement, Title And Boundary Disputes

There are countless examples of disputes between neighbors that started as small problems. These small problems often spiral into bigger concerns when the relationships deteriorate further. Gathering the information that you need to prove your claims can be expensive and time-consuming, and it is important that you have the help of an experienced legal team to guide you through this process.

At the Scottsdale law firm of Alvarez & Gilbert, PLLC, our attorneys are well-known in the legal community for their creative solutions to difficult real estate problems. Whether you are trying to obtain a clear title to your property or need the courts to settle a boundary issue, we are here to help you prepare a strong case that protects your interests.

Working Together To Find Creative Solutions To Boundary And Title Issues

We have helped a number of clients obtain help in real estate matters, including resolving cases that involve issues connected to:

  • Creating, drafting and reviewing easements
  • Negotiating and litigating disputes concerning easements
  • Reviewing titles to determine if it is clear from defects, including adverse possession cases
  • Litigating matters connected to title issues
  • Investigating and litigating boundary disputes

Our attorneys will make every effort to keep your case outside of the courtroom by negotiating with the other side to find a quick and cost-effective solution that works for you. However, as experienced litigators, they are confident that they can help you find a successful resolution at trial. They will be working directly with you no matter what happens in your case.

The Arizona Legal Team Working For You

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