Noncompete, Non-Solicitation And Confidentiality Agreements And Disputes

Many businesses take extensive measures to protect their important information. Employees who work for these companies in high-profile positions are often asked to sign noncompete, non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements. These agreements restrict the employee from (1) working in certain industries for a specific amount of time after the employee has left the company, (2) soliciting the employer's customers, and (3) disclosing trade secret and business information learned while the employee worked for the employer. These are sometimes referred to as "restrictive covenants."

Under Arizona law, there are strict requirements that must be met in order for the agreement to be valid. Employees and employers both need to be sure that they have an understanding of the items included in the agreement, or they could find themselves facing severe obstacles, including the threat of litigation.

At the Scottsdale law office of Alvarez & Gilbert, PLLC, our attorneys have been helping businesses and their employees negotiate, review and contest "restrictive covenant" agreements since our firm was founded in 1993. We know how these issues impact individuals and businesses, and we are ready to help you address these concerns in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Skilled Assistance Helping You Resolve Employer/Employee Contract Disputes

Having represented employees and employers in these situations, we understand the concerns unique to each side. For businesses, we make sure that the contracts that we create actually address the issues that need to be covered in the agreement. For employees, we offer guidance and advice when considering the terms of these types of contracts.

In some situations, the businesses may attempt to enforce the agreement to prevent their former employee from taking a similar job after leaving. Should these cases head inside the courtroom, our attorneys know the way to present your concerns to the court, whether you are seeking to enforce or contest the agreement.

The Arizona Legal Team Working For You

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